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NSFW A Tale of the Badlands

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Frost Glaceon, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Frost Glaceon

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    Jul 18, 2015
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    I preface this, by saying, I am inspired by what CM makes, and was merely trying my own hand at story writing. Sorry if this seems like I'm jealous, or
    I also will say, this is heavily inspired by Borderlands.

    —Section One—

    Have you ever fought so hard for a belief, only to find out that it was false?

    Pandora. A cruel planet, it is known only to those who have personally experienced it before, as the 'Arid Badlands.' Temperatures range from near-freezing, to scalding hot. The only thing that is more heated on Pandora are the fights that happen between bandit groups, and large corporations, who are trying their hand at getting the most exclusive element in the known universe -- Eridium. This strange metal has very unique properties, that make it one of the most rare -- and, in turn, expensive -- materials ever known.

    Just having woken up from his slumber by his pet Skag, Skar, Erion decided that he might as well start his day. Even if it's still 0300 sol right now, he thought, I can still get work done. With this, he got up, and got himself ready for today. It was his first job of the month, so he was excited about what sort of trouble he could get into -- and, more realistically, what he can do to avoid it.

    Standing at a good 5 feet 10 inches, the ex-Vault Hunter didn't have much to keep himself busy, other than the occasional bandit hunt, his pet, or the jobs that he gets hired to do. However, when he wasn't busy, he often kept his collection of weaponry in working condition. Rumor has it, he isn't seen without one or two of his handy Jakobs Revolvers.

    The sky looked grey -- It was normal for the Frozen Wastes, especially in Three Horns, where he lived. Even if it were to be a clear, blue day, it would just be filled with grey once more, as people needed to keep their gas stoves going. In doing so, they put out a lot of smoke.

    Erion walked a little more than 30 yards, approaching a strange terminal. As he got within normal talking distance, the terminal said, in one of its pre-recorded sound clips, "Hey! This is the place to Catch-A-Ride! You can paint it all kinds of pretty colors to boot!"

    Erion rolled his eyes, and groaned. He never was one for the cutesy, "try-me-out" style that Scooter presented in his Catch-A-Ride system...But, he did like his cars, and that he could respect.

    After accessing the terminal, he placed a replica of a Bandit vehicle, called the "Bandit Technical" by scooter, on the digi-struct queue. It was something that he never could understand -- How can a vehicle be created almost instantly by what is seemingly just air..? Erion shook his head, clearing the possible thoughts of, "I might get turbo cancer because of this," out of his head.

    A few moments later, the bandit technical that he had queued finished building. As it finished, he hopped into the driver's seat. Just as he was about to start the vehicle, he heard the familiar sound of a Skag whimpering and whining.

    "Oh c'mon, Skar, you know I can't always take you with me...But, I'll let you come along today." With those words, he whistled to Skar, which was his cue to hop into the vehicle. Even though he was a smaller-sized Skag, he still weighed around 60 pounds, which was enough to topple anyone who wasn't prepared for his weight.

    He started up the vehicle, and started to drive out northeast, to a little town called Sanctuary.

    Sanctuary used to be an old Dahl mining town, before they started pulling out of Pandora. However, not everyone wanted to move; a majority of them called this place their home, and rightly so -- a lot of the miners hired by Dahl were ex-convicts and scientists, who would rather stay behind, as to not have to deal with the law enforcers, or to study their environments. Besides, if worse came to worse, Dahl has a space station on Elpis.

    After driving for about an hour, the two eventually reached Sanctuary. Turning off the vehicle, Erion got out, letting Skar out so he could play in the sandy snow that made up a lot of the area around Sanctuary, due to its proximity to the Dunes.

    As Erion got out, a man, standing no taller than him, with a big mustache and monocle, started walking his way. "Hey, Hammerlock! Just the man I wanted to see."

    "Ah, yes, sir Erion! It indeed has been rather important that I see you as well," replied Sir Hammerlock, as he motioned for him to follow.

    Erion nodded, and looked over to Skar, who had actually found another, smaller Skag to play with. "How important?"

    Sir Hammerlock gently took hold of Erion's shoulder, turning him around. "The team out in the Dust found something you need to see."

    —Section Two—

    "What is this?" Erion didn't quite to know what to make of the revolver that was found below the sandy desert that is the Dust. It was a tarnished silver-white, with the barrel a shiny black in color. He held it in his hand, as if he were firing it.

    "The time to pretend is over, Erion," quipped Hammerlock. "This specimen of a revolver isn't in our records. We found other weapons with it, but this one was in the best condition."

    Erion stopped, and in a slightly awkward manner, he set the revolver back down on the table. "Oh, sorry. It's just, I can't believe you don't know what these are."

    Sir Hammerlock gave him a quizzical look, not quite certain as to what he meant. "They are, alas, a mystery to me. I've never seen them before."

    "It's Atlas in origin," replied Erion. "This is quite the revolver, too. It seems to have been a high-quality sidearm. Atlas was good at making this quality of weaponry." Erion looked over at Hammerlock. "You of all people should know that. Other than Hyperion, their main rival was Jakobs."

    "What about Atlas do you know?" A voice rang from a corner of the room, where another person was standing, leaning against a wall, until mention of Hyperion was brought up. He was standing a couple of inches taller than both Hammerlock and Erion. He had a fairly new Maliwan sniper slung across his back.

    Erion wasn't necessarily startled at the fact that there was another person in the room with them; he was more surprised that Hammerlock would let them in, as this room that they were in is often off-limits to civilians.

    "Hammerlock, why'd you let Mr. Scruffy over here into the research room?" Erion asked in an obviously joking voice.

    "Ahem." Hammerlock adjusted himself a bit, and saluted to the man. "Sargent First Class Tage, glad you could make it."

    Tage shot a glare over at Erion, who, in return, sheepishly looked away. "S-sorry," he said, in a low voice.

    "What we discovered in the Dust can only be described as troubling. Not only did we find these weapons, we found an entire warehouse, full of...Other things of interest." Tage seemed to be very serious in tone, as if something was troubling him.

    "Huh? So, you're telling me you found an Atlas warehouse? In the middle of the Dust?" Erion looked back at Tage, not quite understanding why it looked like the strong-looking Sargent was bothered.

    Tage nodded. After a few moments of silence and pondering, Hammerlock broke the silence. "What seems to be troubling you, Tage? What did you find?"

    Tage took a nod, and took a deep breath. "You are familiar with how the Crimson Raiders were formed. Correct, for both of you?" Both Erion and Hammerlock nod, in agreement. "If so," continued Tage, "then you would know that there were also Dahl soldiers, that, when we were the Crimson Lance, were against our cause."

    Erion stopped Tage for a moment. "What does this have to do with Dahl soldiers? Aren't we at a ceasefire with them?"

    "We are," answered Tage. "However, the inhabitants of this facility were once Dahl soldiers. Their numbers run high -- at least that of Sanctuary. But, note, I say were. They're bandits now."

    "And they're planning on attacking Sanctuary."

    —Section Three—
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  2. The Alonne Glaceon

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    Sep 21, 2015
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    Nice work, Frost! Great job on grammar as well!
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