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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Sirarie Tichee, Jan 6, 2016.

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  1. Sirarie Tichee

    Jun 11, 2014
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    Steam32ID [STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXX Format]:


    Age and Date Of Birth:

    21 yo, March 1994

    Do you have any previous staff experience? What did you handle during this experience?:

    I’ve been mod on this server 3 times, SA on the TTT server before I played Icemod. I’ve handled the usual; reports, slays, kicks, bans, logs, staff meetings, etc.

    Please explain in full detail why you believe you should be given a spot on our staff team? [70 Word Minimum]:

    Well, you all know me, I’ve been staff before; each time I’ve had to resign due to my life getting too hectic and I can’t guarantee this will be different. But I’ve got time for the moment and my other server I’ve been playing is stable now and Icemod’s been under some strain so I’m back to help until the server is healthy again. I don’t mind being staff; I actually love it every time because it pisses me off that I can’t stop people from ruining the experience on the server when I am on. And yes I saw the message that previous staff should not re-app, but I never left because I hated the server or playing GMod, so here I am again.

    In your own words, what is the purpose of a staff member? [60 Word Minimum]:

    Staff is there to keep the peace and police gameplay. We are not there to be sticklers for every tiny rule; we are not there to cause the players to hate us because we exploit our power; we are no there to start player vs. staff flame wars. We keep things fun and orderly so that Icemod thrives. Slay the trolls and keep heads cool.

    What motivated you to apply now?:

    Icemod has hit a bit of a rough patch in terms of a majority of the staff quitting all at once. There are large chunks of time where there are no staff on when I happen to be on (early in the morning and late at night). Several staff have also told be to join back up as well.

    Do you to consent to an interview via teamspeak regarding our rules and requirements?:

    I’m there often anyways, so yes.

    Do you understand that this a volunteered for and you may be expected to be on for a minimum number of hours each week to keep the rank?:

    Last I heard it was still 8, so yeah. Don’t remember my username or password though. Might have it in storage.
  2. Cm

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    Jan 22, 2014
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    - You be active throughout the weeks you apply.
    - We don't really have an age requirement, but it will reflect your maturity.
    - Have teamspeak downloaded and able to join the server. - You don't need a mic, is only to be trained and for the intervierw.
    - Be able to attend an interview, be sure you are aware of the rules.
    - Have under 35 warns on our server(s)
    - Not been staff in the past without specific permission.

    EDIT: Sorry Sirarie, but you have been
    Denied as you are former staff and do not have the permission to reapply at this point in time.
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