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[MUST READ] Help for your appeal

Discussion in 'Bans/Unbans' started by leolama, Apr 24, 2015.

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  1. leolama

    leolama Ex-Staff

    Jan 20, 2013
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    • You MUST use a format for an appeal, this helps the admins a lot and will also give us valuable information that you may not otherwise include.
    • If you're unsure of any details about your ban, check this link (this doesn't work for any TTT US bans).
    • If your ban is only one day long, please don't make an appeal and just wait it out. By the time the admins sort out the issue the ban will most likely be over.
    • If you're making a ban appeal, providing evidence in the form of a picture (imgur, gyazo, etc.) is the best and most ideal way.
    • If you're making a ban/unban appeal for the IceMod TTT US server, please use the prefix provided, which can be found before the thread title.
    • If you're having trouble finding your Steam32 ID, check out this video:
    Contrary to popular belief, screenshots are not hard at all to take, and to take at the right time either. Steam makes it really simple.

    The default key to take screenshots via Steam is "F12", if it's different, you probably changed it. To find it, go to Settings, In-Game, and look at the "Screenshot shortcut keys" field. That's your screenshot key.

    Once you take a screenshot, in the Steam overlay you see a simple "View Screenshots" button, click it and it'll open a window with your screenshots, you can then choose to upload them and get their links to use in the thread.

    Closed the game? No worries, open up Steam, click the "View" menu, and click "Screenshots". Select your session, upload them, and provide links in your abuse report thread.

    Scenarios for screenshots:
    Anything that's relatively linear to understand, like if someone is abusing commands (where it shows in the chat), using them to harass and/or ruin gameplay.

    You also use screenshots to gather damage logs and status proof, or someone harassing you - just a couple examples.

    What are damage logs?
    The TTT gamemode has a built in console command, "ttt_print_damagelog". At the end of a round you may type this(or press an associated bind) and it'll print a log of the damage done that round, this can be useful if you're accused of RDM. Take a screenshot of this.

    You can also press F8 on your keyboard. Click the button that says "Round#", "Last round of previous map", or "Current Round". Then scroll through the damage logs until you find the part where you were RDM and screenshot it.

    What's the console?
    Oh dear God! You've just begun to learn! The console is a built in menu directed toward developers in the Source engine, but a lot of powerusers use it, and you may find yourself slowly moving up to "power user" status. To gain access to the console, press that weird squiggly line at the top left of your keyboard above "Tab". The proper name for this key is "tilde" but I don't think you care, it looks like this: ~.

    If pressing this doesn't work, don't fret! Click "Options", and then click "Advanced" near the bottom left of the menu, check the box that says "Enable Developer Console". You should now be able to press the proper button to access console.

    You mentioned binding, what's this?
    This my friend, is a wonderful command to allow us to put all of our unused keys to use! Let's start simple, let's bind your "\" key to print the damage logs, just type this in console:
    bind \ ttt_print_damagelog
    That simple! Now when you press that key it'll print out a damage log, if it's at the end of the round for normal users. There's another thing you should know, if your command has a space, you need to use quotes! For example, let's add the "status" command to your damagelog printing key. The status command prints out everyone on the server's username, SteamID, and other information.
    bind \ "status; ttt_print_damagelog"
    See how we used the semicolon to use multiple commands? It's nifty to know!

    Screenshots aren't enough! Try DEMOS, A.K.A. VIDEOS!
    Another thing we can thank valve for is blessing us with "demos", they're files you can make using the console(which you just learned how to use!) that is essentially a video, the thing is it's ultra small and causes next to no lag at all!

    Sounds cool, where do I start?
    If you notice someone abusing, say they're teleporting everything, spectate them and then open the console. Type this into console:
    record {recording name}
    Now it'll begin recording what you see, but be sure to make the filename(in this case "anythinghere") something useful.

    Cool story bro, but how do I stop recording?
    Simple, you just type stop into console, and then it stops and saves the demo.

    Now it's gone!? WHAT DO I DO!
    Don't panic! It's not gone, it's in your main garrysmod direction, but we'll get to that in a bit. If you want to review the demo, put this into console:
    playdemo anythinghere
    Assuming "anythinghere" is the name you chose earlier, you can use this to play the demo and then record it with fraps later on and upload it to youtube.

    But I don't want to upload it to youtube!
    No worries! You don't have to! Your demo file is in the main garrysmod directory named "anythinghere.dem", with the name being whatever you chose - of course. Just upload this, either as an attachment, to dropbox, or to another source and our experienced staff will review it in your abuse report.

    Main garrysmod directory!? WHAT
    That's fine! We all have got to learn eventually. I can spell out directions for Windows 7, which I'll do in a second, but it's pretty simple, you just go to your Steam folder(found in program files), then you go to the "SteamApps" folder - you'll then find a folder with your username(how uncanny!) go into that folder, you'll see "garrysmod" and then another "garrysmod".

    Windows 7 directions to get to the garrysmod dir:
    • Press Start
    • Double-click "Computer"
    • Double-click your main system drive(default is "C:")
    • Double-click "Program Files (x86)", if you don't have this folder just double click "Program Files"
    • Find and then double-click the "Steam" folder
    • Double-click the "SteamApps" folder
    • Double-click the folder with your username(the one you made when you signed up for a Steam account)
    • Double-click the "garrysmod" folder
    • ANOTHER GARRYSMOD FOLDER! Magic! Double-click that.

    You are now at your main garrysmod folder! Find you anythinghere.dem file and paste it on the desktop, upload it via your preferred method and add it to your report.

    I hope this helped you with your report! Have a great day!
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  3. ZacKlo

    ZacKlo Member

    Mar 23, 2015
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    This is something I have noticed way too many times that I have to make a post about this. The purpose of this entire section is to report someone who has been doing bannable offenses while staff was not on at the time. Here is a list of things to consider before making a ban appeal:
    -Did you read the damage logs thoroughly? Did he/she RDM or attempt to RDM 3 or more people?
    -Do you recognize the consequences of said conditions?

    ex1: Disrespecting is warnable (unless it was proven to be targetted against many people)
    ex2: NSFW sprays are warnable for the first offense and spray permission is taken away

    If you have read the damage logs thoroughly, and recognize the consequences, make a ban appeal with ACCURATE EVIDENCE.

    But what about those minor offenses that are not bannable? Do they get off scott-free? No, the best solution is to add some staff members on steam if they're not on. If you can't find their profile, you can add them via TAB menu. All you need to do is right click their name on the TAB menu and click, "View Profile."

    I hope you have considered this post before going trigger-happy with the ban appeals.

    I appreciate the time you have took to read this post,
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    Merged and cleaned helpful topics. ^^
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