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Vast; A chronicle

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Cm, Dec 28, 2015.


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  1. Cm

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    Jan 22, 2014
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    Wrote this for a very good friend of mine. Enjoy!

    A sharp smell filled the air. Gunpower. The city laid in ruins, smoldering ashes falling like snow. Gilberto walked slowly through the rubble, down the center of the street, breathing slowly into his helmet. His armor was coated in a layer of ash. Beside him was Connor, who was holding some sort of glowing artifact they had found in the city. It was too easy. Gilberto shuddered, chills going down his spine. Gilberto was a superstitious guy, and he was reluctant to go out alone with just Connor. Sure, the city had been bombed prior to their deployment, but Gilberto knew the legends. He knew who roamed these streets, and it scared him. Suddenly, a narrow alley to Gilbertos right collapsed for no apparent reason. Gilberto started to breath heavily. He just wanted to leave this wretched city. They were just a few blocks from the dropship. He was sure they would be fine. Gilberto turned to say something to Connor, gasping in shock. Connor was gone and all that remained was his helmet, lying on the ground maybe 15 feet back. Gilberto cursed under his breath and turned, picking up the pace. Gilberto started to hear a second set of footsteps. ‘Just an echo,’ he told himself. ‘That’s all.’ Gilberto stopped moving. The footsteps continued, growing louder. Suddenly, the footsteps broke into a sprint. Gilberto, suddenly filled with terror, started to sprint. Jumping over pieces of rubble, he turned the last corner. There, 500 feet away, maybe 2 or 3 blocks down, was the dropship. ‘I’m going to make it!’ he screamed inside. Adrenaline pumping through his veins, he sped into the dropship.

    “GO GO GO!” Screamed Gilberto.

    No one answered. At that point Gilberto noticed how the dropship was turned off. Making his way to the front, he opened the small door to the cockpit. It was empty. All that remained of the pilots was their small firearms. Gilberto turned to leave, but was knocked back into the cockpit. Eyes wide in terror, he stared at the figure above him and he knew. He knew the legends were true.

    “Jamie” Whispered Gilberto.


    Rain splattered the windshield as the small ship descended through the planet atmosphere, passing into the storm raging on the surface. Lights flashed in the dark as the battle tore the city apart. The craft flew downward, passing through vicious swarms of fighter craft and somehow managing not to even be scratched. The battle itself was trivial, the city unimportant in the large scheme of things. Still, Jamie’s target was in the city. She laughed. Poor bastard didn’t know what was coming for him or he would have fled long ago. Taking her ship in gently between the towering buildings, Jamie brought it down in a fairly unscathed park. Standing up, Jamie grabbed her silenced pistol and holstered it before picking up her twin Kamas and attaching them to her back. She walked towards the back, where the hatch had opened. She passed her armor, which would just slow her down on a night like tonight. Walking down the ramp, Jamie stepped out into the park. Rain tore at her as the hatch closed behind her as she began to move towards a building a good three blocks away. Walking briskly, brushed her hair back, water cascading down her arm. Wreckage littered the street. Crashed ships, chunks of rubble from buildings. Bodies. The drone of the rain drowned out all noise, save the constant beat of the orbital bombardments. Her approach was silent. Turning a corner, Jamie saw two soldiers standing outside the building her target was in. Taking her Kamas off her back, she sprinted across the street. At the last second one of the soldiers noticed her, but it was already far too late for them. Leaping forward, she landed on top of one, making quick work of him with her kamas. Standing, she turned towards the other who stood still, shocked by the stunning beauty of his attacker. Grabbing his arm, Jamie whipped him around and slammed his head against the side of the building. Letting go, he slumped to the ground.

    Walking into the building, Jamie walked towards the elevator. The sounds of the orbital bombardments was a lot louder now. Stepping in, Jamie shut the door and proceeded to hit the button for the 48th floor. The elevator jolted up, rising very quickly. Jamie put her kamas on her back, and un holstered her pistol. The door opened and Jamie found herself staring at five soldiers. She dispatched all five in less than 2 seconds. Walking past the bodies, Jamie looked around the suite she stood in. A 100 ft away was a office door. A small window was next to it, light shining through the closed blinds. Kicking the door in, Jamie stepped in. A tall man sat at the desk, looking up with a surprised look on his face. Remorseless, Jamie leveled the gun with his face and pulled the trigger. Walking out of the office, Jamie re holstered her pistol. The building shook, the barbardments getting ever so closer.

    A small ship rose out from beneath the clouds, unnoticed, and flew up, away from the planet.


    Sofia crouched down next to the body, examining it. She brushed the tattered clothing, still wet from the storm during the siege the night before, away. Across the chest was a gash, seemly caused some blade weapon. Another body lied a few feet away, their skull bashed in, leaning against the wall of the building. Sofia stood up, sighing. She glanced around at her surroundings, checking to see if anything was out of the ordinary. Or at least stranger than a destroyed city. She started to walk into the building, but halfway through the door, bumped into Gilberto.

    “Just as we thought,” said Gilberto, stepping back to avoid hitting Sofia and unavoidably knocking her over. “All five guards dead, the V.I.P dead. She was here. We’re going to catch her, I can feel it.”

    Sofia looked down at the ground, clearly distressed. “Yea, but we weren’t fast enough to save them..” She mumbled.

    Gilberto gently grabbed her chin and raised it, making her look at him. “Listen, I know how important finding her is to you, but we can only follow her. We can’t predict every single one of her moves.” He paused for a second, glancing away before looking at Sofia again. “Saving these people wouldn’t have brought Connor and Olivia back. Their dead and nothing can change that. Frankly, I’m lucky you arrived just in time. Another few seconds and I was dead too. The only thing we can really do is stop her from killing more.” Gilberto started to head towards their ship, walking down the steps and down the street.

    Gilberto had lied to Sofia. They weren’t dead. It’s true, Connor had disappeared, but Gilberto feared he met a fate worst than death. Gilberto sat down at controls of the ship, turning it on. A few seconds later Sofia walked in and sat down in the co-pilot seat, without saying a word. The ship lifted off the ground, quickly flying into orbit of the planet.

    “This is the Buckler, we are setting course for the ember system. We have reason to believe Jamie has made her way there to assassinate great mother bear.” said Sofia, into the coms.

    “This is flagship Iron Maiden. You are cleared for pursuit. Be wary as we have not yet completely pushed out the Imperial forces out of the Ember system. It’s also in the same sector as the home system of the New Japanese Empire, so be warned. Iron Maiden out.” came the reply after a few seconds of waiting.

    Gilberto checked the console and pressed a few buttons.

    “We’re ready to jump. Waiting on you.” He said, glancing over at Sofia.

    “Jump initiated. Hyperspeed in 3.. 2.. 1.” replied Sofia, quickly initiating the sequence. The ship lurched forward with speed, getting up to hyperspeed.

    Sofia hit a button and opened up the coms.

    “C’mon, answer. Please just answer Kendra.” Whispered Sofia, silently praying for her friends safety.

    A large amount of static came in, followed by “This is Firebase Alpha. We are receiving you and patching you through to the great mother bear.”

    “Thank you Firebase Alpha.” replied Sofia, visibly relieved.

    The ship dropped out of hyperspace, coming out above the planet Forium, Home planet of the race of sentient bears known as the Ursi. Orbiting the planet were a dozen or so Orbital platforms, the closest being Delta Platform. As they flew closer, static came through the the radio.

    “Hello? It’s Kendra, to whom do i speak to?”

    “It’s us Kendra! Sofia and Gilberto!” came Sofia's excited reply, glad to know her friend was ok.

    “You two ok? Any word on Olivia and Connor? Oh my, there’s much to talk about!” rambled Kendra excitingly. “I want you two to get down here as soon as possible. I’ll let the guards know you’re comi..”

    All of a sudden, Kendra was cut off by a burst of static and then a broadcast.

    “This is an emergency broadcast. Multiple signatures heading towards the system at warp speed. I repeat, this is not a drill.”

    Behind them, ships were appearing by the dozens. About 5 carriers warped in at once, all with the insignia of the New Japanese empire. Fighters poured out of the carriers, rushing towards the planet. The big cannons on the orbital platforms started firing, destroying fighters and larger bombers. Transports started to flow steadily out of the carriers. Behind the carriers, smaller attack ships came warping in. Rising up from the planet came the fleet of the Forians. Although practically the same, their smaller fighter and transport ships tended to be larger due to the fact that a large bulk of them were Ursi. The fleets clashed about ¼ from the platforms, explosions going off silently.

    Gilberto turned the ship to face the raging battle, searching in between the many dog fights.

    “There!” shouted Sofia, pointing towards a small ship darting past the others, ocasionally having to fire it’s weapons. “She’s here.”

    Without a second to spare, Gilberto throttled the thrusters and took off after the ship as it broke out of the fighting and slipped past the platforms into orbit. Sofia pulled up the com’s, opening a channel with Kendra.

    “Sofia! What’s happening?”

    “Jamie is here and she’s heading straight towards you. We’re in pursuit, but be ready to fight.”

    They roared through the atmosphere, heading towards the surface. The fighting at spilt down onto the planet and transports were landing. Flying as fast as they could, they flew towards Firebase alpha, which was perched in the highest mountain range on the planet. As they flew, a carrier bearing the flag of the empire came crashing past, hitting the mountain range and exploding into a column of fire.

    Gilberto set the ship down next to Jamie’s at the foot of the firebase. Stepping out, they started to run inside. The doors had been blown off and bodies littered the ground. Sprinting through the corridors, they stepped out into a rather large ancient Japanese stilled garden. In the very center stood Jamie and Kendra. Kendra was currently in the form of a nimble blackbear, dodging Jamie’s attacks. Seeing Gilberto and Sofia come running towards her, she jumped, switching into human form, her staff forming her hands. Knocking Jamie back, she backflipped away, landing on her feet. Exhausted, she ran past Jamie, trying to make it to Gilberto and Sofia. As she past, Jamie, recovered from Kendra's attack, kicked out and tripped Kendra. As Kendra fell, Jamie brought her arm up, preparing to end Kendra.

    Suddenly, in a flash of light, Connor and Olivia appeared. Sofia gasped, hands over her mouth, tears streaming from her eyes. Gilberto ran forward, grabbing Kendra and helping her move away as Jamie, Olivia, and Connor began to fight. Olivia and Connor carried no weapons, striking with the raw power of their hands and fists. Moving past Sofia, Gilberto grabbed her hand and began to pull her away.

    “C’mon, we have to go.” He said, his voice clearly strained at having to leave his friends behind. As they left the room, Sofia turned back to see Olivia get knocked to the ground as Connor stood over her protectively.

    They got back to the ship and moved inside, taking off right away as fighters flew past, heading towards the capital to take on the invading fleet that was landing there. As they flew into orbit and away from the planet, Sofia started to sob, her emotions taking over.


    When the Perez triplets, Olivia, Gilberto, and Sofia, were young, Olivia was the tough one. She looked out for her siblings and soon, when it was time for them to graduate high school, she was looking out for her closest friends too. She vowed that no matter what happened, she would always be there for her friends and that she would protect them, no matter the cost. Since the day she took that vow, she had never broken it once. That all changed the day Jamie turned.

    There was a nice breeze that day. They were at the small starport planet of Jin-den II. The planet closely resembled the beautiful landscapes of Japan back on earth. Connor had gathered them together for one last meal as friends before that set off on their first mission together, deep into the territory of the New Japanese empire. The group had never been so united and never as strong. Everyone was ready to cherish their last normal day. Connor and Olivia, selfless individuals who would do anything for their friends. Sofia and Jamie, down to earth, highly intelligent, always ready to cheer someone up. And finally, Gilberto and Jose, self proclaimed “Loose Cannons”, but in reality, nothing but big goof balls who brought laughter and fun times.

    How ironic would it be that on this day, at this planet, would the New Japanese break the shaky peace treaty and attack.

    Ships warped in at hyperspeed, undetected on the sensors. Millions of small fighter craft swarmed down, almost entirely blocking out the sun. The entirety of the port seemed to rise into the sky and engage the swarm. Ships quickly arrived from the bases set up on the moons of the larger planet of Jin-den I. It was not long before larger ships reached orbit and began descending to tear the planet to shreds. And it just so happens, that on this fine day, General Thompson of fleet of the United Coalition of Intergalactic Countries and Races, or the UCICR for short, was refueling at the starport.

    As a highly skilled, highly dangerous team of comrades, who else but our rag tag group of heros would be sent to guard the General before it was safe for her to get off world? Quickly sent aboard the Grand Prism, the pride of Humanity's contribution to the fleet, they were stationed around the General’s quarters and would escort her every where in the ship. Jamie was stationed in the General’s cabin. This decision, though at the time it was not known, almost cost them the entire war.

    At 19:00, Galactic Standard time, Olivia would enter the cabin to fetch General Thompson for her evening meal. She would walk in on the General thrown into a corner of the room, Jamie standing over her, Kama coming back as she prepared to kill the general. In less than a second, Olivia made the single most toughest decision she would ever have to make. She would charge Jamie, punching Jamie in her side, flames igniting around her fist, as Jamie swung down. Jamie’s kama would miss the Generals neck, but would leave an ugly, unrepairable gash in her arm. Shortly after, the General’s arm would be replaced with a robotic one as the nerve damage would prove too much to save the arm. Side burned by Olivia, Jamie would quickly retreat, fleeing from the ship on a dropship and leaving the planet, persuming meeting up with Japanese forces. Olivia, stunned and confused, would never be the same again.

    Eventually, within 17 days of the initial assault, the starport would fall. Within 25 days, the rest of the system would fall with it.

    Leading up to the battle of Forium, General Thompson would lead an impressive campaign into Japanese space, taking back the Jin system and cutting a deep wound into the Japanese front. Although she would adventually pave the way for a full out assault on the Japanese “home world”, as they abandoned earth prior to the first war. However, other fronts would buckle, testing the UCICR. Deploying on multiple worlds, the team would face many challenges. And one faithful night, destiny would catch up to them.


    Raiden III, located in the Serpus system, and was the tip of the knife thrust into the Japanese. The planet had been taken, yet the city of Gorgan still resisted. Local legends spoke of a guardian. Recently, such legends seem to have manifested into some sort of truth. Command seem to think that the person behind it was Jamie, and she was at this point she was wanted traitor. She had been briefly spotted at several battles prior, fighting defensively and attacking with the Japanese forces pressing against other parts of the warfront.

    Olivia deployed on a solo mission a day prior and had gone missing. Gilberto and Connor were deployed to find and retrieve Olivia as well as a supposed artifact from an ancient, advanced race. Sofia was on standby, waiting to evac them on the team’s personal ship, the Silver Dawn, if needed. Jose, however, had been sent to Forium to protect the Great Mother bear of the Ursi, Kendra. At 18:00, the dropship’s crew failed to check in at the second 20 minute interval. Sofia immediately deployed, fearing the worse. She made it just in time to, as Gilberto was being attack by Jamie and would have died if not for Sofia. Yet again, Jamie managed to escape. Connor, however, was gone, missing. His helmet was the only thing remaining. The artifact was lost along with Connor, who was assumed dead, along with Olivia. But Sofia knew better. The two had never lost hope in Jamie. Odds were that both had ditched their helmets, as their helmets were implanted with tracking devices for safety reasons. Underneath the heavily armored suits required for the mission, the two had been wearing their usual combat gear. Because of this, Sofia was led to believe they had simply gone awol, tracking Jamie to try to catch her off guard and convince her to come back. Even if they did manage that, she would still held convicted as a traitor.

    But as Connor always said, “Sometimes the best way to take someone down is not with weapons, but to use your compassion and understand their pain.”


    Present Day: Firebase Alpha

    Seconds after Extraction of Great Mother bear

    Connor stood over Olivia, hands firmly placed on Jamie’s arms as she pushed her arms downward towards his throat. Ice crept out from his palms, crawling across Jamie’s skin.

    “Jamie,” said Connor, voice straining as he pushed upward with all his strength. “It doesn’t have to be this way. You can come back with us. You can start ag..”

    “No, I can’t! You don’t understand. I have to do this!” screamed Jamie, cutting Connor off. Her eyes were red and were still watering a bit.

    Ah, thought Connor. She still cares after all. She must have been crying before she came to do this. Connor suddenly felt a sensation run up his leg and down his arms. Wisps of fire started to crackle out of his hand along with the ice. Glancing down, he saw that Olivia had grabbed his leg and was lending him her power. Shrugging off the pressure, he started to push harder, making Jamie slid backwards. Suddenly, he kicked out, catching her off guard and sweeping her legs out from under her. Letting go off her arms, he kicked her in the chest with a massive amount of energy, sending her flying back across the garden. Connor reached down, grabbing Olivia and pulling her up. Putting her left arm over his shoulder, he formed half of a glowing ball of gold energy in his left hand. Raising her right arm, she did the same as Jamie came sprinting across the garden. As Jamie lept forward, ready to slash them to bits, Connor and Olivia slammed their hands together. In less than half a second they were gone in a flash of light.

    They reappeared inside a small ship hurtling up into orbit. Walking them over to a cushioned seat stretching against a wall, Connor sat Olivia down. The ship rocked as it left the planet’s gravity extremely fast, heading into the midst of the gigantic space battle still raging. On the other side of the room, Jose’s hoverboard sat a the equipment rack. Along the rest of the rack were slots designed for equipment each team member lugged along with them. In the middle of the rack, next to Sofia’s slot, was the slot meant for Jamie. It had a small coat of dust and generally looked abandoned. Connor walked through the door in the front of the ship and down the small twisting corridor to the cabin. Sitting in the Co-Pilot seat was Jose, to the left of him, piloting the ship, was Kaylee. Although technically she was not part of the team and sometimes had her own agenda, she spent most of her time piloting the Silver Dawn. She was a good friend of everyone’s and was a damn good pilot too. She had saved their lives countless times and would continue to do so.

    “Closing in on the Buckler now, get ready Jose.” said Kaylee, as calm and calculated as ever.

    “Got their signal. Teleporting in 3..2..1..Now.” answered Jose, pushing a few buttons.

    A few hundred meters ahead, the Buckler swerved and rammed into a fighter, exploding. Connor put a hand on Kaylee’s shoulder and his other on Jose’s.

    “Good work guys.” he said. Connor turned and walked back out into the main area. Gilberto and Kendra stood in the middle of the room, Kendra looking slightly disoriented and Gilberto looking more pissed than anything else.

    “Don’t tell me Jose just teleported us out.” asked Gilberto, a annoyed expression on his face.

    “Yep!” answered Connor cheerfully, smirking at Gilberto.

    “It exploded didn’t it?” seeing Connor nod, Gilberto sighed. “Goddamn it Jose!” he yelled. “You know the General won’t be happy you destroyed her personal ship right?” Gilberto stormed pass Connor and through the door.

    Sofia was kneeling on the floor next to the seat, arms wrapped around Olivia's neck, head buried into her arm. She looked up and saw Connor standing there. Getting up, she ran over to him and nearly tackled him, giving him a huge hug. Stepping back, she punched him the gut.

    “Oww... What the heck?” complained Connor, rearing over a bit in pain.

    “Never do that crap again. You hear me! We thought you were dead! Why would you two do that to us! You do that again and I won’t be punching your gut!” yelled Sofia, angrily stomping her feet.

    Jamie sat inside her ship, head in her hands. Tears streamed down her face like they did every time she was ordered to hurt her friends. Jamie wish it had been different. She wish she never met that evil, evil man. The coms lit up. It was him. Jamie slammed her fist down on the console, denying the channel. Jamie knew what she had to do. And she didn’t know if she could.


    One week after the battle of Forium began, it was almost over. The Ursi were a proud people and when their leader, the Great Mother bear, was delivered to their Flagship, the moral of their people skyrocketed. Upon her rightful place at the head of their fleet, they crushed the Japanese attack under their paws. In four days the entire fleet sent to take the planet was wiped out, leaving the forces on the planet isolated on a foreign world. How ironic, as the world resembled the home they left behind when they left earth centuries prior to the war. three days later, only one pocket of Japanese troops remained, holding out in a firebase they captured. Meanwhile, on the other side of the war front, the final assault had begun..

    Hyperspace, on route to Romania System.

    UCICR Combined Fleet, under the command of General Thompson

    “Patching coms through into the back guys.” said Kaylee through the intercom, patching the coms through as they sped through hyperspace. General Thompson’s voice echoed through the ship as everyone listened in.

    “This is it people. This is our final assault. We lose here and everything we’ve been working for is lost. I want all available starfighters launched as soon as we come out of hyperspace. We hit them hard and we hit them fast. I want the orbital defences destroyed as soon as possible. Without that, our forces will not be able to land. General Thompson out.” said the general, her voice pouring out of the coms system.

    “Incoming channel from the General. Patching her through now.” spoke Kaylee from upfront where she sat, with Jose in the Copilot seat.

    “Hello my friends. I assume you’ve been briefed? Good. I need you guys down to the surface and I need you to kill that man. If we want to win this war, their leader must die. And Olivia and Connor, if you run into Jamie, and I have no doubt you will, do not hesitate to kill her. Am i clear?” said General Thompson, clearly sceptical of Olivia and Connor.

    “Yes General.” They replied in unison.

    “Good. Good luck. If you’re going to kill elyL, you’re going to need all the luck you can get.” The General’s channel closed, her words hanging in the air. Just then the ship dropped out of hyperspace.

    Lazers and conventional bullets flew past the ship as Kaylee and Jose brought them in. Explosions echoing around, Kaylee managed to bring them into orbit untouched, nose diving at the ground. The ground came rushing up to meet them, but Kaylee pulled up at the last second, leaving less than 100ft between them and the ground. The surface of the planet was covered in snow, huge rock spires grasping out at the sky like fingers. Rising up into the clouds up ahead was a huge palace with massive cannons shooting up into the sky. Up above, one by one the orbital stations were exploding like massive fireworks. Starfighters swarmed down into the clouds, meeting a hidden enemy fleet. Vicious dog fights broke out as the darkness was lit up by burst of dangerous bursts of light.

    The center of the floor in the ship opened up, revealing a hole. As the traveled over the complex, Connor, Olivia, Gilberto, and Sofia jumped out into chaos. Fighting their way through hundreds of enemy troops, they reached a huge door as it rumbled closed. Sprinting towards it, they ran inside, Sofia barely making it before it slammed shut. Making there way down the hall, they came out inside a huge armoury. As they walked in, a turret rose out of the ground. Seeing them, it let out a hail of bullets. As the rest jumped into cover, Sofia dove under the bullets and sprinted towards the turret. Leaping up off it’s base, she spun in the air before coming down, unsheathing her sabre and stabbing the operator.

    Leaving the room, they wandered through empty halls as the battle raged above. The faint roar of the Ursi, the white noise of their gigantic Ion cannon firing. The sounds of the first transports hitting the ground. Battle cries in hundreds of languages, some from earth, most not. All of these echoed through the halls, setting the tone. If they failed, it was over. They came to a huge set of doors that was left ajar. Walking in, they found themselves in a throne room. At the very end of the hall sat elyL on a throne of bones. 20 ft from the door stood Jamie. Her arms were shaking and she looked determined.

    “And who do we have here?” exclaimed elyL. “You will never kill me. If you do, he dies.”

    A cage slowly rotated down and out of the ceiling. Inside of it was Lyle. He was beaten and scarred, with a defeated look on his face. Sofia gasped, hands flying to her mouth. Olivia stepped forward, raising her fists.

    “You haven’t earned the right to hurt our teacher. Why do you even have him here?” questioned Olivia.

    “Isn’t it obvious? How else would I get your old friend here to betray you? Are you that daft to think she would do it willingly? LOOK AT HER. YOU SEE THAT SUFFERING? HER PAIN, AND IT’S ALL MINE.” snarled elyL. Stepping off his throne, he raised his hand and sent a blast of dark energy at the cage, shattering it. Lyle fell to the ground, struggling to get up. elyL walked over, a dagger made of the same energy forming in his hand. Leaning down, he stabbed Lyle in his chest and blasted him away, sending him flying across the room to land at the team's feet. Crying out, Jamie ran over to Lyle, collapsing onto her knees. Looking up at her, he faintly smiled, his life force leaving him.

    “Jami..e, Remember wh..o you ar...e. Don’t gi..ve in. I believe in al..l of yo..u. You are the li..gh..t that wi..ll drive out his darkne..ss. Make me proud…” whispered Lyle, smiling as his eyes closed for the last time.

    Jamie started to cry, but Olivia grabbed her by her shirt and dragged her up. Looking into her eyes, Olivia hugged Jamie. Stepping back, she nodded. Jamie, gathering herself, fell into line next to Gilberto.

    “You will not get away with this.. you monster!” threatened Olivia, a look of pure anger on her face.

    elyL chuckled, mocking her. “Watch me.”

    The five ran at elyL, weapons drawn. elyL’s arms grew into long, huge, nightmarish shadows. He slashed at the group. Everyone jumped over, except for Gilberto. He slid under and caught Jamie, giving her a push forward as he lost all speed and stopped running. Forming a fist, elyL slammed down at Jamie. Connor and Olivia jumped under his fist, grabbing it and trapping it with bonds of fire and ice. Coming up to elyL, Sofia lept into the air. Jamie lept up and grabbed on to Sofia’s hands. Sofia spun around, sending Jamie flying at elyL. Drawing back her arms, she brought them forward at the last second, plunging her Kamas into elyL’s chest.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” screamed elyL as his body imploded, sucking him in and disappearing.

    Everyone walked forward, gathering around Jamie. Connor put his hand on her shoulder, chuckling to himself.

    “You think the general will let you back in now?”


    “And Kaylee and Jose arrived and they went to General Thompson's ship. The end.”

    “Wow Grandma! That was so cool!” Squealed the little boy, his face lit up. “Tell me another story Granny Locke! Please! Tell me one about you and your bear armies!”

    Kendra chuckled, patting the boy on the head before pulling up his covers and tucking him into bed. “Maybe tomorrow Tyler. Go to bed now, I'll see you in the morning”

    “Good night grandma!”

    “Good night Tyler.”

    Shout out to Omega for being a number in the Greek alphabet
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    @Cm You've improved a lot since the first arc of the TTT story! Truly great work, Cm!
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    Forgot to update, so updated
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