Important Wing's musical journey continues

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    Nov 9, 2017
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    Okay. I guess the gig is up. People have found out. That horrible horrible truth. I, WingsyDingsy, have been responsible for the continued existence of threads with a musical focus. Introducing those few Icemodders to long forgotten hit music. It was me all along. I took the opportunity provided by our friends from South Eastern Asia, and abused their posts. I mistreated them horribly. Ooh, the humanity.

    I edited their posts, so they discussed music instead of health supplements. It might be my fault that Icemod is dying, since thanks to me, its members have not received the much needed advice from our Asian friends on how to life healthy.

    That will change now. I will try to be a better ostrich. I will make it known that I am the dictator, the editor of posts and the harbinger of music. Peace to the eternal Ice.

    * For those wondering; Yes, I am joking and hyperbolic for no real reason whatsoever. Now don't look at me disapprovingly. You're not my mom. I will continue to post songs instead of bot messages until either one of us gives up.

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    bad bot
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